[nbos] [FM8] Snow Tents
"Mark Oliva"
Wed Mar 6th, 2013
At the Cartographers Guild .


. there's been some interest in snow-covered tents for a winter setting
encampment. I modified a few non-winter tents from the Dundjinni forum.
For anyone interested, here they are formatted and scaled for FM8. Unzip
the file into any folder that you choose. It will unpack three PNG symbol
files and three XML files. Don't erase the XML files. They set the proper
FM8 scaling for these symbols.

You can preview and download from the NBOS site at:


Technical data: I called up the original Dundjinni forum symbols in FM8,
added the snow and exported the result as PNGs. I then called the symbols
in Paint.NET and added the alpha channel transparency.

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