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"Mark Oliva"
Mon Mar 4th, 2013
With the 98th Map of the Week we take a look at West Fortress in the
Slovanian Royal County.

Key to the Map of West Fortress:

1. Lost Passage. The passage begins in the northwesternmost building of the
Royal Trading Co. complex (Location No. 20) and ends in the old logging camp
in the Southwood north of town.

2. Northland Grainmill. Master Miller Alexej, a 44-year-old human male
artisan, owns and operates the mill. He and his 40-year-old wife Stela, a
human female journeyman miller and artisan, live with their two teenaged
children in a wing of the mill's ground floor. Alexej charges a milling fee
of 10% by weight. He employs a journey miller, a human male artisan, and an
apprentice miller, a human female commoner.

3. The Last Inn. Visiting bureaucrats and military officers and traders who
come to town are the main overnight guests in Blazhej's Inn. He also puts
up occasional visiting adventurers. His public room – the only tavern in
West Fortress – does a booming business, not only with his overnight guests
but also with locals and soldiers from the garrsison. Blazhej, a
48-year-old human male merchant, runs the inn and public room. His
44-year-old wife, Bohumila, a human female artisan, is the cook. Their only
son, Kashpar, a 23-year-old human male artisan, is the brewmaster, and he
works the tap at night. The inn has two waitresses, Kashpar's 22-year-old
human female wife, Ljuba, a commoner, and the 36-year-old local human female
commoner Sylva. Blazhej, Kashpar and their wives have separate apartments
in the inn. Sylva, who does private after-hours business, has a room in the
inn. Blazhej offers the six single guest rooms at 6 bronze pieces nightly.
Meals run from 4 bronze pieces to a silver piece. Kashpar's house brew, a
dark ale, costs two copper pieces for a pint/half-liter tankard. The inn
complex includes the main inn building, the brewhouse and a stable-barn

4. Millstream.

5. Deer Creek Sawmill. Any lumber sold in northwestern Slovania comes from
Darina's sawmill. All of the timber harvested in this area that isn't
intended to be firewood comes to her sawmill, the only one in the region.
Darina, a 34-year-old master sawyer and artisan, inherited the sawmill from
her father. Single, she lives on the mill buildings's upper story. She
employs a human male journeyman sawyer artisan, and two laborers, both human
male commoners. The mill complex consists of the main mill building, a
large shed and two lumber sheds.

6. Deer Creek

7. Jáchym's Wall

Northwest Garrison:

8. Training Grounds

9. Command Officers Quarters. Comandant Jirzhina, a 49-year-old human
female warrior, also has her quarters here.

10. War Wizards Tower. The war wizards stationed in the tower are Ahasver,
a 66-year-old human male seer; Jolana, a 51-year-old human female white
necromancer, and Ivana, a 42-year-old human female summoner.

11. Barracks

12. Headquarters

13. Keep

14. Officers & Civilians Quarters

15. Stable

16. Butcher Izák. The slaughterhouse and meat packing operation (Location
No. 18) has no local retail sales. Its products all are exported to other
parts of Slovania. Locals buy their meat from Izák and their fish from the
Fishermen's Guild (at Location No. 26). Izák, a 30-year-old human male
bachelor, is a master butcher and artisan. He employs a journeyman butcher,
human female artisan; an apprentice butcher, human male commoner, and a
laborer, human male commoner. Izák buys beef and poultry from local farmers
and boar and venison from hunters. He and his staff also buy from the catch
of the Fishermen's Guild and sell fresh and smoked fish in the butcher shop.
The smokehouse is outside of the main shop. Izák has a small apartment on
the shop's second story.

17. Ludvik's Wagons. Master Wainwright Ludvik and his crew make everything
from heavy logging and military wagons to wheelbarrows. Ludvik, a
44-year-old human male artisan, employs two journeyman wainwrights, human
male and female artisans; an apprentice wainwright, human female commoner,
and a laborer, human male commoner.

18. Slaughterhouse. Exactly who owns this large slaughterhouse and meat
packing plant is unclear. Count Prokop is the only owner known by name, but
he also has unnamed silent partners in the Newhouse area. It is managed by
master butcher Dita, a 50-year-old human female artisan. She employs three
journeyman butchers, human male and female artisans; two apprentice
butchers, human male and female commoners, and two laborers, human male and
female commoners. Dita buys bulls and poultry from local farmers, deer and
boar from hunters and fish from the Fishermen's Guild. Her crew slaughters
the animals, making smoked cuts and sausages or brined-packed meat of them.
They also clean the fish, smoking some and packing others in brine. All the
products produced in the plant are taken downstream in trade caravans to

Royal Trading Co. Station. This is the northern terminal of King Jáchym's
trading coster. The 49-year-old human male merchant, Kvehtoslav, is the
local manager. As explained above, Kvehtoslav is a part of the secret
organization responsible for the Lost Passage. Normally, the terminal is
responsible for receiving and dispatching caravans, trade wagons and traders
who come from and go to Newhouse. Kvehtoslav employs six laborers, all
human male and female commoners.

19. Stable. Caravan and trader horses are kept here.

20. North Warehouse. This building hides the southern entrance to the Lost

21. Warehouses.

22. Business Office. Kvehtoslav lives on the upper story.

23. Zdislava's Woodworks. This rather sizeable carpentry and joining
operation is owned by master carpenter and master joiner Zdislava, a
59-year-old human female artisan. She makes wood products of all sorts,
both in series and on commision. Her products include cabinets and
furniture, wooden tools, barrels, churns and much more. She employs two
journeyman carpenters, two journeyman joiners and a journeyman botcher as
well as three apprentices and two laborers. The jouneyman are artisans, the
others commoners. All are human males and females. Most of Zdislava's
wares are transported to Newhouse for resale.

24. Zdislava's Woodworks Shed.

25. Common Pasture

26. Hugo's Farm. This operation is a bit of many things, all other than a
standard farm. Hugo, a 66-year-old retired human male ranger, and his wife,
Apolena, a 65-year-old human female healer, are the owners. Hugo fishes on
Deer Lake north of the village (and north of the map's border) and breeds
horses. He is the only horse trader in West Fortress, but his breeding
operation is small. At any given time, he has d4 draft horses and 0 to 4
war horses available. The number of war horses available is calculated with
d6-2. A result of -1 or 0 indicates than none are available at present.
Hugo also is chairman of the Fishermen's Guild. He negotiates all of the
guild's fish sales. Apolena has a small herbal clinic on the second story
of the farmhouse. She usually spends more of her time in her apothecary
making herbal remedies than in healing. Most healing work is done by her
assistant, Kazímir, a 43-year-old human male healer. The garrison is
Apolena's main client, but she also accepts locals and adventurers as

You can get the map in two versions from the Joerdhgardh web page:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable (31 MB).

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 1020 Pixels (680 KB).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the joerdhgardh website at:


Next week: West Fortress - The Last Inn

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