[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #96 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Feb 17th, 2013
With the 96th Map of the Week we take a look at Southwood Fortress, the
ruling seat of the Slovanian Royal County.

1. Southwood Gate.

2. Royal Gate.

3. Storm Gate.

4. Draug Gate.

5. Residential area. Unnumbered buildings are private housing.

6. Granary and Root Cellar. This facility is under the direct control of
the count.

7. Ivo's shop and Náda's clinic. Ivo, a 42-year-old human male merchant,
sells general merchandise and food. All of the products in his shop are
brought in by military caravans. His employees are his wife, Agáta, a
40-year-old human female commoner, and Ivana, a 28-year-old human female
commoner. Both work as salespersons. Ivo also employs Ivana's husband,
Jarmil, a 29-year-old human male commoner, as a laborer. Both couples are
childless. Ivo and Agata live on the building's third story. Jarmil and
Ivana live in a separate house. Náda, a 55-year-old human female healer,
has her clinic on the second story. She employs two other healers, Samuel,
a 41-year-old human male who heals, and Lubosh, a 31-year-old male who works
as an herbalist.

8. Brehtislav's Smithy. Master smith Brehtislav, a 36-year-old human male
artisan, managed to escape with his family from his home town of Green
Meadows the North Kingdom. Members of a Northern Circle party took the
family under its wing briefly and delivered it to the guard at Southwood
Fortress. When he first arrived in the fortress, Brehtislav worked for the
former master smith, Abrahám, who died heirless. Count Prokop offered
Brehtislav the deed to the ownerless smithy and the old smith's private
house if the refugee family would agree to remain. Brehtislav, his wife
Blanka, a 33-year-old human female artisan, and their 10-year-old daughter
Darja, a human female commoner, live in the inherited house. Blanka offers
her services as a master seamstress there. She is training Darja to become
a seamstress too. Brehtislav employs a journeyman smith, Sylva, a
22-year-old human female artisan, and an apprentice, Jonásh, a 14-year-old
human male commoner. Brehtislav was trained as a blacksmith in Green
Meadows. Under Abrahám, he learned to work with weapons and armor. He also
is teaching all three types of smithing to Sylva and Jonásh.

9. Wainwright Eirný. This shop is run by the probable widow and master
wainwright Eirný, a 44-year-old human female who escaped from her native
Narg's Mill in the Dreadlands. She and her husband both were wanted
criminals there, sought on a charge of treason against the dark draug Duke
Thráinn. Her husband, Steindór, was captured and vanished in the depths of
Thráinn's mountain dungeon, the Depths of Darkness and Hopelessness. Eirný
assumes that Steindór is long dead. When she reached Southwood Fortress,
she found that the old wainwright's workshop was abandoned and in partial
ruin. She negotiated with the count for the title and then restored it.
She now employs a journeyman wainwright, Alesh, a 23-year-old human male
artisan, and an apprentice, Igor, a 15-year-old human male commoner. Their
main products and services are carts, wheelbarrows, large logging wagons and

10. Garrsion headquarters and officers' quarters. Colonel Klement, the
48-year-old human male warrior who commands the military in Southwood
Fortress, has his headquarters here. He, his higher-ranking officers and
their wives and families have their quarters on the second and third
stories. In addition to soldiers, Klement also has the local war wizards –
white necromancers, wizards and a seer – under his command. The military in
the fortress is responsible for both regional security and local watch

11. Barracks. The lower-ranking officers and the soldiers live here. The
soldiers' and officers' mess also is in this building.

12. Military stable. The horses of Colonel Klement and his higher ranking
officers are kept here. Dominik (see Location No. 18, below) has the
overall responsibility for the steeds' health. Soldiers do the normal
stableboy chores.

13. War Wizards' tower. Bohdana, a 56-year-old human female white
necromancer, is the commander of the war wizards. The unit includes Kamil,
a 33-year-old human male seer; Dalibor, a 40-year-old human male summoner
and four junior level human wizards who rotate between the three fortresses
in the county. The tower is 50 feet/15 m high. All of the war wizards
dwell in it. They and their families dwell in the tower.

14. Klaudie's tower. This tower belongs to Klaudie, the 58-year-old human
female seer who is in personal service to Prokop. The tower is 70 feet/21 m
high. Klaudie is single and childless.

15. Watchtower. This tower also is 70 feet/21 m high. It is used by
soldiers who maintain a visual watch over the fortress and the surrounding
forest area.

16. County Castle. Count Prokop, his family and his leading staff live in
the castle, and the county government has its offices here. The 59-year-old
Prokop's family includes his wife, Dobromila, a 55-year-old human female
warrior; his son, Kvehtoslav, a 34-year-old human male warrior, and his
daughter, Hana, a 30-year-old human female merchant. His resident staff is
headed by First Minister Ema, a 55-year-old human female merchant. Also
resident is the family's personal physician, the 49-year-old human female
healer, Marina, and her husband, the castle master, the 51-year-old human
male artisan Ahasver. Ema is single. Ahasver and Marina are childless.
Four chambermaids who live in the village also serve the castle. All are
human females. They are Zhofie, age 50; Marie, age 44; Ema, age 40, and
Drahomíra, age 36.

17. Count's stable.

18. Pride of Slovania Inn. The only inn in Southwood Fortress is a
somewhat run down, five-story structure, but it manages to stay above water
financially. The public room draws a good crowd of officers, soldiers and
locals nightly, but most come only come to drink. The kitchen and the
overnight business are mostly dependent upon travelers. There are less of
them than innkeeper Sabina, a 42-year-old human female merchant, would like.
The kitchen also is a bit hampered by the selection of food available to it.
Most of what's eaten in Southwood Fortress is brought in by caravan and,
therefore, is something less than fresh or wide in variety. The biggest
business is done when a hunter or ranger brings in a deer or boar from the
Southwood. Fresh meat, a rarity in Southwood Fortress, always brings hungry
customers. One of the reasons that the inn survives is that it's mostly a
family operation. Sabina's husband, Blazhej a 44-year-old human male
artisan, is the cook and also the house butcher when deer or boar are
brought inn – on the average three times a month. Her sister, Milada, a
40-year-old artisan, is the alewife. She brews the inn's heady ale.
Milada's husband, Dominik, is a 42.year-old human ranger. However,
Dominik's specialty is not in the forests or wilderness but rather in animal
care and lower herbalistics. His main job is the care of the horses in the
stables of the garrison and the count. His job is to see that they stay
healthy. Fortunately for the inn, this amounts to a half-time job most of
the time. He spends the rest of his time negotiating with rangers and
hunters who work in the Southwood to buy their bag for the inn and in
seeking the herbs that Blazhej needs for the kitchen. The 21-year-old son
of Blazhej and Sabina, a human male merchant named Karel, runs the public
room and pumps the ale. The only non-family employees are the waitresses
Nadehzhda, 31 years old, and Vendula, 28 years old, both human female
commoners, and the house laborer Rostislav, a 59-year-old human male
commoner. Nadehzhda and Vendula have rooms on the fifth story. They do
after-hours private business there. Rostislav lives in a private house.
Blazhej, Sabina and Karel live on the third story. Dominik and Milada live
on the fourth story. The guest rooms are on the second story. There are
eight single rooms at 4 bronze pieces nightly. The public room is on the
ground floor. On most days, there are only two varying items on the menu.
They cost four bronze pieces each. However, when there is fresh boar or
venison, it runs between five and nine bronze pieces per dish. The house
ale costs four copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard.

19. Inn stable. The stable is available for guests. Rostislav maintains
the building. Three young villagers do the business as stableboys and
–girls. They all are human commoners. The three are Ilja, 12-.year-old
male; Barbora, 13-year-old female, and Olga, 12-year-old female. They have
been trained by Dominik and are quite competent. Whenever there are guests
in the inn with mounts, the three will work in eight-hour shifts. Their fee
is 1 bronze piece per shift. If mounted guests for the public room arrive,
the short term fee for their stay is four copper pieces.

20. Inn alehouse. This is where Milada brews the inn's ale. She brews in
sufficient quantities to also supply the garrison's mess. When she brews,
Rostislav is her helper. Her barley malt, hops and yeast are brought in by
military caravans.

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2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 1020 Pixels (680 KB), available with
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Next week: Slovania - Southwood Fortress - Pride of Slovania Inn

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