Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
"Mike Oliver"
Sun Nov 4th, 2012
Hi Juanma:

Like you, I detest forums and blogs. It's such a bind going through
registration of user names that have already been taken, passwords that one
instantly forgets and then remembering to visit the damn things at regular
intervals to catch up with a myriad different threads, most of which are of
no direct interest.

This post will, of course, instantly bring hoards of e-mails telling me how
much better forums are and how I can register to get summaries of the
various threads, etc., etc. This has happened to me numerous times but I
have withdrawn from most of the forums I subscribed to and just dip in when
I have a specific problem. This, of course, means that I miss any number of
fantastically useful bits of information. The fact remains that I don't
belong to many forums and have survived.

I have a Facebook page but, since I first joined a year ago, I have gone to
my page maybe twice and have never posted anything new. I have no need and
certainly no desire for the world and its brother to know what I'm doing or
how I feel. Why do people waste their time with such strange behavious? I
suspect, for me, this is part of the same syndrome.

Interestingly, NBOS is one of those forums to which I still belong - but I
seldom visit.



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On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 5:33 AM, Dan Williamson <> wrote:

> I've found the NBOS forums to be pretty responsive, everyone seems to have
left here.

Oh, OK.

I hate forums, I think the interface is designed to minimize
communication and maximize time spent going around. But I cannot fight
"progress". I'll check them.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I was starting to wonder whether
I was alone ;-)

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