Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
"Cam Kirmser"
Sat Nov 3rd, 2012
> Your welcome, if you need any other Astrophysics stuff I may be able to
> out kinda had to learn a bunch of it when I was looking for the original
> etc to convert the Hyp and G cat's back in Astro and Astro 2, Still have
> of the links about and the like

I went through that same phase and have a huge collection of PDFs, PPTs,
DOCs, XLSs, etc. as a result. But, that site was one that I wish I'd found
early on.

> 2. Based on actual Astrophysics and Science as we know it Planets inside
> 'Green Belt' are rare not as rare as they once were believed to be but
> rare, to date I believe we know of 2ish other systems with possible
> inside a green belt (and if you don't know what a green belt is it's the
> Habitable Zone of a star for HUMAN life). If you did that for a lot of
> systems you'd be lucky to get ANY planet with people on it.

I think AS addresses that and says that, if the Terraform slider is set to
zero, you'll find hardly any habitable worlds.

> 3. As your discovering your ideas are different from MY ideas and Ed's
> and Wolf's and Cam's the API exists both to allow the users to write
> and additions to the software to tailorise it to our own needs.

I have to agree with Juanma on one point, at least; writing a script is not
easy due to a lack of documentation. I don't know if it's not out there and
is some sort of standard that those who know already know, or if I've simply
been unable to find it. A comprehensive scripting guide that details the
structure of all the classes and perhaps some tutorials would be nice.

But, even out of the box, it's the best I've seen.

> 4. Just because a planet may have perfect 'stats' ie perfect water,
> nitrogen etc etc levels, doesn't mean it's gonna be Habitable I can think
of a
> lot of very HARD science reasons for a 'Eden' planet to be anything BUT an
> Eden world for humans especially Biohazard reasons.

As the original Star Trek episode, "The Way to Eden," would testify. Here is
a planet that is perfect in all respects, until you find out that all the
fruit is poisonous, the ground cover acidic - an entire, beautiful planet
that seems single-mindedly intent on killing you.

> On the other hand you have under that
> desert... Oil and Oil is what keeps the region wealthy and part of what
> the people there, the same deal for Kalgoolie out in Western Australia..
it's in
> the middle of the Desert it has NOTHING going for it at all.. but it's got
> thriving population in a small city.. why? Because it's one of the world's
> biggest Gold Mines as well..
> Resources = Work = Money = People.

A great tool for randomizing a world's resources, is Universe from SPI.
That's an old RPG that SPI put out to grab some of the Traveller market.
Being an SPI product, it is heavy on technical. Not a bad game - Traveller
is just better - but it has some great parts that can be ported over to
Traveller. The World Resource Generation chart is one of those. With it, you
can determine what a world has, how much and what it can be used for - a
mining consortium's dream tool!

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