Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
"Robert Graham"
Sat Nov 3rd, 2012

Your welcome, if you need any other Astrophysics stuff I may be able to help
out kinda had to learn a bunch of it when I was looking for the original
math etc to convert the Hyp and G cat's back in Astro and Astro 2, Still
have some of the links about and the like


Honestly I think your just gonna have to accept that the generator is what
it is simple as that. You keep saying that my write your own statement
doesn't negate the fact in your mind it's wrong but at the same time the
reason I keep saying it is that:

1. No one else is complaining about the base random generator, we know that
when we tell it to seed it's there to do just that seed randomly.

2. Based on actual Astrophysics and Science as we know it Planets inside the
'Green Belt' are rare not as rare as they once were believed to be but still
rare, to date I believe we know of 2ish other systems with possible planets
inside a green belt (and if you don't know what a green belt is it's the
Habitable Zone of a star for HUMAN life). If you did that for a lot of
Astro's systems you'd be lucky to get ANY planet with people on it.

3. As your discovering your ideas are different from MY ideas and Ed's ideas
and Wolf's and Cam's the API exists both to allow the users to write plugins
and additions to the software to tailorise it to our own needs.

4. Just because a planet may have perfect 'stats' ie perfect water, oxygen,
nitrogen etc etc levels, doesn't mean it's gonna be Habitable I can think of
a lot of very HARD science reasons for a 'Eden' planet to be anything BUT an
Eden world for humans especially Biohazard reasons.

5. My Comments on Colonisation in our world I added something in there that
seemed to be ignored Botany Bay.. Yes I'm using 'Australian' references why
I'm an Australian for a start and I know my Australian History better then I
know pre 20th century US history and Australia is also one of the youngest
'Colony' nations in the world.. You see Botany was picked out because it
was meant to be the perfect place to build a colony.. it had water,
supposably fertile land and all that jazz.. guess what it wasn't the people
got there and they almost died before they shifted to Sydney Cove it's a
great real life example of #4 in action in reality.

6. Dubai and the like, From the Point of View of 'Today' not 6,000 years ago
but TODAY the entire Middle Eastern Region of our world except along the
River Delta's has very little going for it in terms of why you'd be there at
all if you were starting a new Civilization or Colony.. Outside the River
Delta's you have.. Desert.. and more Desert.. On the other hand you have
under that desert... Oil and Oil is what keeps the region wealthy and part
of what keeps the people there, the same deal for Kalgoolie out in Western
Australia.. it's in the middle of the Desert it has NOTHING going for it at
all.. but it's got a thriving population in a small city.. why? Because it's
one of the world's biggest Gold Mines as well..

Resources = Work = Money = People.

This is gonna literally be my last post on this actual topic which has
gotten off topic anyway mainly because it appears that your just gonna keep
arguing that the generators wrong and your right.


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> If you want the explination for it
> with that set of math go run the calculation yourself and work out if
> it's wrong if it is then report it as a bug.

Ok, regardless of anything else in this thread, it was worthwhile to get
that link.


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