Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
Juanma Barranquero
Sat Nov 3rd, 2012
On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 6:43 AM, Robert Graham
<> wrote:

> I suggest you do a 'search' for Kalgoorlie Western Australia or a number of
> other places which are full blown small cities in the middle of no were.

There are humans living natively everywhere except Antarctica, so
sure, yes. Infrequent, and certainly not as a first choice when
there's better places nearby.

> (Dubai as a country actually sings out to me, oil is about the only thing it
> had going for it until they built up the tourism industry )

Dubai was inhabited 7,000 years ago, when it was not a desert.

> And actually in the real world the way colonisation worked was that you
> looked for a water source and hopefully land that was fertile enough to
> support your population and you built a colony there..

Exactly! I'm glad you agree with me.

> But really if the built in generator isn't woking for what you want write a
> new one that will do what you want the API allows for it and there are
> already scripts up that do it..

Repeating this will not convince me that the generator isn't making
some odd choices.

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