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Sat Nov 3rd, 2012
At 12:02 AM 11/3/2012, you wrote:
>That does not change what I was saying, I think. I'm saying that AS3
>said that a planet was habitable (barely) and another one hospitable,
>and it put a lot of people on the habitable one and none on the
>hospitable one. That's weird, to say the least. My own ideas about
>habitability are irrelevant here.

Its not wierd at all.

Look at the 'real' world. There are plenty of cities located in places with
bad weather, and lots of places with nice weather that arent heavily

One of the points of the generator is to seed imagination. Ask yourself
*why* a planet with less than ideal conditions might have a high
population? Perhaps there's an economic reason. Maybe a rare material
only found in that system. Perhaps its due to a war - maybe the planet
with the better conditions *had* a higher population at one point. Maybe
that little bit of paradise is the future equivalent of a national
park. Maybe there's endangered native life forms being protected. There's
endless reasons. Especially for spacefaring societies where bad surface
conditions might not be much of a technological hurdle.

If the generator just assigned a population based on purely linear
factors...that would be wierd and unrealistc.


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