Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
Juanma Barranquero
Sat Nov 3rd, 2012
> Ok I have to ask have you actually updated your AS3?

The access violations happened with the latest release, 3.01b. I
switched to the beta 3.01c a couple of days ago, so it's too early to
know if they will reappear.

I'm on Windows 7 64-bit; perhaps that's significant.

> As for Random Generation and Random Population Generation etc. If you do not like how it is done already there is always the option to go and write your own script to do it

Sure, though surely you've read the many complains about
not-exactly-good documentation (for the API; the program documentation
is fine).

> plus the complaint about 'Habitable' is a Mute point what exactly is 'Habitable?' because that is defined by the actual 'Race' in question..

That does not change what I was saying, I think. I'm saying that AS3
said that a planet was habitable (barely) and another one hospitable,
and it put a lot of people on the habitable one and none on the
hospitable one. That's weird, to say the least. My own ideas about
habitability are irrelevant here.

> on the other hand suggesting that those of us who beta tested it where lax isn't a great thing either.

Who's suggested that? I don't know how much you tested, and I'm
willing to believe you did a great job. But that I have seen bugs in
the software is not a matter of opinion, but fact (some of the things
that I believe are bugs perhaps are not, but others definitely are,
like the parsec/ly conversion, not to speak of the access violations).

> Fractal Terrains wise, some where I've clearly got a different setting to you. Does FT3 Flash up briefly when I click on a world? Yes but not to regenerate a new one, only to reproduce the one I've already got on file and then Only if I've not saved out a .jpg or the like and assigned it as 'use this surface map rather than the default'

I think on this one we're both saying the same thing. That "brief
flash" that you mention is not that brief when you happen to click in
a gas giant with a dozen terrestrial moons. My computer is not
top-of-the-line fast, but it is a 2.5GHz Core2Quad with 8GB RAM, so
it's no dog either, and yet waiting for AS3 to refresh all these moons
is quite annoying. But certainly saving the images as .JPGs and
setting them insted of the default image works. Pity that there's no
automatic way to do it.

> Saving the FT output file .FTW into the database I've actually just realized a reason why if Ed did such a thing I'd pray it's a 'Option' rather than automatic and that is because my .FTW files are commonly 1/2 a gig in size (2048 or more resolution + climate data) and I'd not want my Astrodb swelling like that.

It wouldn't need to save the .FTW file, just the pathname, and the
.JPG (it already does that if you don't use FT and you Edit Surface
Map with the default application and save).

> and it clearly states : Mass (earths) 3281092.734256 which is correct and spot on.

You're looking at the Properties, where it correctly says "Mass
(earths)" (I already mentioned that). And I'm talking about the System
Data view (the hierarchical display to the left of the screen). I'm
just righ now looking at one example:

[...previous stuff in the system, then...]
Gas Giant
Distance: 830.422.160 km
Radius: 61.360 km
Mass: 293,83405 sol
Gravity: 3,17G

> Finally computing the Lum of a star Stellar Luminosity is calculated based on the following set of maths

Yes, I know. But AS3 is giving me a star which is 100 times as
luminous as the most luminous star known, which is weird. The simple
fact that it generated a monster star of almost 360 sol masses is
already weird, because it is 50% bigger than any known star, and even
assuming that it is fisically possible, it is statistically surprising
that AS3 generated so big a star in a sector with less than 100 solar
systems and 300 stars.

In fact, my randomly generated sector has *four* blue hipergiants and
two blackholes, in a diameter of less than 15ly. Atypical.

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