Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
"Robert Graham"
Fri Nov 2nd, 2012
Ok I have to ask have you actually updated your AS3? Help - Check for Updates and there is a link on the forums as well with a new build? Because some of those bugs seem a little off especially the Access Violation one given I'm working on sectors at times with over 100,000+ bodies in them and I've never ever had an Access Violation Crash and my AS3 is often open for days at a time while I work on projects.

As for Random Generation and Random Population Generation etc. If you do not like how it is done already there is always the option to go and write your own script to do it, plus the complaint about 'Habitable' is a Mute point what exactly is 'Habitable?' because that is defined by the actual 'Race' in question..

Eg. I can have a human who's happy on an earth like world, but said earth like world might not be Habitable for my Silicon Based Alien from Sector Z.. Or Maybe some of Johnny Rico's friendly Bugs have dropped in for a visit from Starship Troopers and they consider any planet short of a gas giant to be more or less 'habitable'.

Is AS3 perfect? No on the other hand Ed is typically willing to do bug fixes and updates for free, on the other hand suggesting that those of us who beta tested it where lax isn't a great thing either.

As I mentioned I WAS a beta tester on both Astro 3 and 2 and one of those who keeps annoying Ed to add in some of the newer features and graphical abilities etc and I am still finding some bugs almost a year after release simply because I shift from working on 1 project to another or in the current case I returned to a project that was put on while I did some other work and when you go back you start to do some things and they might be different to how you did it before and bang you find a bug.

Fractal Terrains wise, some where I've clearly got a different setting to you. Does FT3 Flash up briefly when I click on a world? Yes but not to regenerate a new one, only to reproduce the one I've already got on file and then Only if I've not saved out a .jpg or the like and assigned it as 'use this surface map rather than the default'

Saving the FT output file .FTW into the database I've actually just realized a reason why if Ed did such a thing I'd pray it's a 'Option' rather than automatic and that is because my .FTW files are commonly 1/2 a gig in size (2048 or more resolution + climate data) and I'd not want my Astrodb swelling like that.

With the Sol Vs Earth Mass on this you may want to check the System object type is correct is correct I just pulled up my Gas Giant in a system to double check and it's not a 'Small' gas giant and it clearly states : Mass (earths) 3281092.734256 which is correct and spot on.

Now if I click a 'star' type body then yes I get 'Sols'

Finally computing the Lum of a star Stellar Luminosity is calculated based on the following set of maths (which I presume is how Ed is doing it but I may be wrong)

First work out he Stellar Temprature, Then work out the Size then using that data


If you want the explination for it

with that set of math go run the calculation yourself and work out if it's wrong if it is then report it as a bug.

-Regards Rob.

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