Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
Juanma Barranquero
Fri Nov 2nd, 2012
On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 10:52 PM, Robert Graham
<> wrote:

> others just got hit by a big ass storm called Sandy.

Well, yeah, sure. I didn't expect or ask for any instant answer.

And of course I'm aware that Sandy has caused a lot of trouble and
even deaths in the US (and even more in the Caribe) and that 3 million
people are still without electricity.

> Because you have to actually Save the map out to HDD. That’s what I do
> anyway.

Doing Edit Suface Map and then saving the .ftw file from inside
Fractal Terrain does not help; FT will be invoked next time you edit
your sector and click on the same terrestrial body.

> I don’t believe there is a way to get the image to save back to the
> database in this case (Ed can correct me if I’m wrong).

Strictly speaking, it is possible.

1) Set up AS to use FT.

2) Click on a terrestrial body (FT is invoked to generate the map).

3) After FT has finished, select Edit Surface Map.

4) In FT, save the .ftw file (in case you later want to regenerate or
change anything else) with Save or Save As.

5) Still in FT, export the map with File / Export World / Sphere Map Image...

6) Back in AS, click on Properties for the terrestrial planet, then
the Surface Map tab, then enable "Use this surface map instead of the
default one", and select your image.

Et voilà.

But I have a small sector (less than 100 stellar systems), and it
contains 1659 terrestrial objects. Any way to do this a bit less by
hand would be very helpful. :-)

> Delete it and recreate it.. is the only way I know of it’s mainly because
> routes are so easy to make anyway.

OK, fair enough.

> Compile up a list and send it to Ed at the support email, or post it to the
> list those of us who beta tested did our best to try and find a lot of the
> bugs as we where testing etc but even I’ve found some after the fact simply
> because at the time of the beta the project I was working on was smaller
> than the current one etc.

Oh, I'm using AS for a small project (just a very small sector for a
hard-sf / space-opera RPG campaign), but I have stumbled upon quite a
few errors already; typos, the sol vs. earth mass I mentioned, I've
had access violation crashes after working for a while, and a bug
already reported in the forums where using parsecs instead of ly
sometimes causes AS to repeatedly convert lengths (by dividing them by
3.26) so they're increasingly shorter.

Also what I think is a physical mistake. Automatic generation created
a gOII blue hipergiant with a huge mass (~357 sol, which is way too
big, bigger than any known star; R136a1 is just 265 sol), but the
problem is its luminosity, which AS computes as ~ 859 x 10^6 sol.
That's absurd; R136a1's luminosity is 8.7 x 10^6 sol, and even taking
into account that it isn't a linear relation, it's hard to believe
that my gOII's luminosity would be much more than perhaps 15-20 x 10^6

Random creation of population isn't really helpful either. I've had
population randomly assigned to places with 100ºK mean temp, no
atmosphere, while perfectly habitable planets in the same system
(gravity ~1.0G, respirable atm. near normal Earth pressure, mean temp
in the 15-20ºC, 70-75% water, etc.) were left uninhabited.

Anyway, bugs and poor API documentation aside, it's a very interesting
and useful program, and I'm enjoying it immensely.

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