Re: [nbos] 3D medieval city
Dustin Evermore
Thu Oct 4th, 2012
Thanks for sharing!

On Oct 4, 2012, at 2:18 PM, "Whirlpool_1" <> wrote:

> Hereís the dropbox link to the Google SketchUp 3D models/maps for WinterHaven and Loudwater.
> Enjoy looking. You can simply download the Sketchup viewer to look at them;
> By the way Google sold it to Trimble, so its actually now called Trimble SketchUp.
> You can assign materials to SketchUp surfaces, and have shadow settings etc, but in terms of photo realism, itís not achievable out of the box without plugins for lighting and stuff like that.
> If you want actual photo-realistic, then you have to have good textures, lighting and render settings. Creating the meshes in SketchUp is probably the quickest way unless they are complex rounded/sandbox shapes. That said, SketchUp has some basic sandbox features in the free version (or did have).
> Thanks,
> Glynn

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