Re: [nbos] product review
"Richard Leclercq"
Tue Dec 19th, 2006
I have little-to-no artistic talent. In fact, I can barely draw flies on a
hot day.

Like most people, I have rather less time than I would like to spend on
learning the nuances of software/hardware.

I have the occasional idea and/or need for a graphics program, so I have had
and used NBOS AS, FM, and FWE for several years.

At one time I was making detailed maps for a historical wargame. I had
taken pictures of my terrain pieces on a "transparent" background (with a
little help from Photoshop(r)) and I could use these as tokens to build a
map of my wargame tabletop. (that was two moves ago, so the files are both
gone and obsolete. Pity.)

I can build a galaxy with AS, and use FWE and FM, so I can view the galaxy
"disc" and zoom in to a doghouse, if I so desired, and I can print out
maps/deckplans/floorplans for use in games of various scales, from
individual/RPG to interplanetary strategic games.

Weak though my skills are, I've never had too much trouble getting desired
results. When I've needed help, there is a truly awesome brain trust on
this forum, with many very skilled and talented people more than happy to

NBOS is not photoshop, it is not the best tool to make high-def/high-res
pictures, but you can import your own art from most sources.

All in all, I find it a fabulous tool, a fun toy, and it has consistently
provided more than I have asked for.

Richard K. Leclercq

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