Re: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Dec 19th, 2006
Thanks, Christopher. I got AS as part of my Campaign
Cartographer/Cosmographer package from ProFantasy and upgraded to AS2
recently. I'll have to delve around to see if I can find the codes.

I don't have too many worries about others using my work - as long as
they don't try to sell it as their own.



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Well, so long as you can locate the registration codes you received when
last purchased software, which you need to log-in to the site, then you
just upload away. I stuck an FM map I'd done up there and it was very

Most of the recent additions to NOX have been AS2-related, so the
you've been talking about would fit right in. And then, of course, it
may be
found and downloaded by others who would love to see it, but aren't part
the discussion list.

- Christopher

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