[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #75 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Sep 9th, 2012
With the 75th Map of the Week. We continue in the borderlands town of
Ódhinn's House in the Kingdom of Slovania. This week we take a look at the
Market Tavern.

The most interesting (albeit unknown until now) element of the Market Tavern
is that the tavernkeep, Patrik, really is the deep devil Fargruz, a slave of
the devil Gadreel in Newhouse. Farguz slew both the real Patrik and his
wife years ago, ate their bodies and then stole Patrik's identity.
Precisely what Farguz has been assigned to do in Ódhinn's House is
uncertain. It is clear that Gadreel wants Farguz to stimulate unrest and
fear in the town and also to diminish trust in all ruling elements within
both the town and the kingdom. His remarks as tavernkeep help do this.
However, Gadreel no doubt intends to have his deep devil do more as time
passes. One thing is certain, however, albeit it also unknown. For several
years, there has been an unexplained disappearance of one person monthly in
Ódhinn's House. These disappearances are due to the fact that Farguz
snatches victims to eat them.

Key to the Market Tavern

Cellar Level

1. Stairway to Ground Floor.

2. Storage Area.

3. Bronze Door to Farguz' Secret Chamber. This door is protected with a
magical trap that causes instant death to anyone who tampers with it. In
OGL 3.5 campaigns, there is no saving throw and the DC to disarm the magical
trap is 40. In Dungeons Daring campaigns, the DL to disarm the magical trap
is 35.

4. Farguz' Secret Chamber. This is the area where Farguz does his magical
work and where he eats his abducted victims.

5. Cells. Farguz keeps his abducted victims here. Although there are two
bunks, he has not yet held more than one victim here at any given time.

6. Dining Table. Farguz slaughters and eats his victims here.

7. Circle of Flame. This magical creation serves as a conjuring and
teleportation circle for Farguz.

8. Magical Flaming Brazier. Farguz uses the flame in his magical work.

9. Farguz' Magical Lab.

Ground Floor

10. Entrance.

11. Tables for Stand-up Customers.

12. Public Room.

13. Small Fireplace. No heating is needed in Ódhinn's House nor is the
fireplace large enough to heat an area as large as the public room. In the
winter months when temperatures are cooler, Nikola makes goulash in a pot
heated over the small fireplace's flames.

14. Locked Door to Stairwell.

15. Door to Cellar Stairs.

16. Stairway to Second Story.

17. Beer Tap.

18. Food Preparation.

Second Story

Patrik (Farguz) and Nikola live on this floor. The apartment is small.

19. Stairway to Ground Floor.

20. Kitchen Area.

21. Living Room area.

22. Bedroom.

You can get the maps in two versions from the Joerdhgardh website:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 map in FMP format, fully editable (6 MB).

2. Three JPG flat maps of 1360 Pixels x 1100 Pixels each (2,2 MB total).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh web site.

The Joerdhgardh web site:


Next week: Ódhinn's House – The AEsir Valley

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