[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #63 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Wed May 23rd, 2012
The 63rd Map of the Week gives us our last look at the Dreadlands. This map
of the coastal town of Westgate is from our pending campaign setting release
"The Northwest."

Key to the Map of Westgate

1. River Fearsome.

2. Military Garrison. Both the regular army of the march and the border
patrol have their headquarters here. The patrol consists of 48 orc
warriors, two orc warrior officers, five ogre spies and 10 human officers.
The regular army consists of four platoons of 20 orc warriors each, 20 orc
warrior officers, 116 human warriors, four human war wizards and 20 human
warrior officers. The forces are about evenly divided between males and
females. Magnús, a human male warrior, has the overall command. He is
subordinate only to Baroness Dagný. Kristjana, human female wizard,
commands the four war wizards but is under Magnús. Jóhannes, a human male
scout, is the border patrol commander. He also is under Magnús.
Órkhedhinn, commander of the orc host, dwells in the orc compound along the
river on the north edge of town.

3. Military Stable.

4. Two Rivers Trading Coster Coal Wagonhouse.

5. Coastal Coalyards. The company's business offices are here. The
coalyards belong to the duchy. The manager is Fridhthjófur, a human male
merchant. In Westgate, he employs three clerks, all human male and female
merchants, and six laborers, all human male and female commoners.
Fridhthjófur also is in charge of the coal mines east of town. The miners
there are not freemen. They live and work like serfs. There also are hard
labor groups made up of prisoners who were not sent to the duke's dungeon.
The mines are run by a mine commander named Eymundur, a human male merchant.
To manage operations and the enslaved miners he has 10 foremen, all human
male and female warriors, and they each have three orc overseers, all male
and female warriors. The coalyards building in Westgate also has the local
office of the Two Rivers Trading Coster. The manager is Eirný, a human
female merchant. She employs two clers, human male and female merchants;
for teamster, human male and female commoners, and three laborers, also
human malre and female commoners.

6. Baroness Dagný's Castle. The baroness and her adjutant Oddi, a human
male warrior, dwell in the small castle. The first and second floor have
windows. The barony's governmental administration is on the ground floor.
Oddi's quarters are on the second story. The draug baroness dwells on the
third and fourth stories.

7. Eiríkur's Slaughterhouse & Butcher Shop. Master Butcher Eiríkur runs a
sizeable operation. Unlike most butchers, he deals not only in meat but
also in seafood. His operation cleans the latter and packs it in salt brine
in wooden barrels for transport to other parts of the march and duchy. His
business also processes all meat from the serf farms to the east, making
smoked meats and sausage of it, also for transport to the southwestern part
of the march. Eiríkur employs three journeyman butchers, all human male and
female artisans, and three apprentices, human male and female commoners. He
also employs six salespersons, human male and female commoners, and four
laborers, also human male and female commoners. His butcher shop serves as
something of Westgate's market. It sells not only meat and fish products
but also groceries and produce from the serf farms.

8. Town Granary. Baroness Dagný's share of the tithe is stored here.
Private persons can buy flour, grain and storage crops here. The granary
also holds a food supply for times of emergency. The baroness employs a
granary manager, Valtýr, a human male merchant, and three laborers, human
male and female commoners.

9. Ragnhildur's Smithy. Master Smith Ragnhildur, human female artisan,
provides services as a blacksmith for locals and as a weaponsmith and armor
maker for the military and the border patrol. She employs a journeyman
blacksmith, human male artisan; two journeymen weaponsmiths and armor
makers, human male and female artisans, three apprentice smiths, human male
and female commoners, and two laborers, also human male and female

10. Westsea Windmill. This rather sizeable operation belongs to the duchy,
is under the wardship of the marchioness and is run by Baroness Dagný. Her
manager is Master Miller Angantýr, a human male artisan. The mill was built
after the war on the orders of Duke ţráinn, who wanted to close the old
conventional waterwheel-powered mill that diverted water from the border
river Fearsome in order to seal the border within the town. Once the
windmill was in operation, ţráinn ordered the marchioness and the baroness
to see to it that the old mill was town down and that the mill pond and
millstream were filled. The windmill grounds and presses all of the grain
and oil seed harvested by the regional serf farms. It makes flour,
vegetable oil and feed. Angantýr employs three journeyman millers, all
human male and female artisans; three apprentices, human male and female
commoners, and three laborers, also human male and female commoners.

11. Coastal Coalyards Guardhouse. Two male or female orc warriors always
are on duty here guarding the coalyards against theft.

12. Westsea.

13. Saltbreeze Tavern). Tavernkeeper Hákon, a human male merchant, owns
the Saltvind. His wife, Ásdís, a human female artisan, is the alewife. In
the brewhouse on the north side of the tavern, she brews the tavern's only
drink, a light top fermented ale. The tavern once was the public room of
the old Saltbreeze Inn Complex, but the inn went out of business after the
wars. Hákon serves no food, only ale, at 3 copper pieces per
pint/half-liter tankard. He also keeps his ears open at all times to
fulfill his duties as the local spy of the Northern Circle.

14. Fishermen's Guildhouse. All those who wish to leave shore and fish
must be registered members of the guild. The guildmaster is Símon, a human
male commoner and fisherman. The guildhouse has business offices, a taproom
for members and Símon's quarters. The taproom serves ale from the
Saltbreeze brewhouse at 5 copper pieces per quart/liter tankard. Símon no
longer fishes. He works full time as guildmaster, and he also serves the
ale in the taproom. Earlier, this building was the guesthouse of the
defunct Saltbreeze Inn.

15. Fishermen's Dock. This area always is guarded by two orc warriors.
Only fishermen who are guild members are allowed on the dock.

16. Fishermen's Guild Packing Plant. Fishmaster Skarphedhinn, a human male
artisan, runs this operation, which packs the commercial catch of the guild
for shipping. Some of the catch is packed in barrels with salt brine. The
rest is smoked. Skarphedhinn employs four laborers, all human male and
female commoners. Earlier, this building was the stable of the defunct
Saltbreeze Inn.

You can get the map in two versions:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 map in FMP format, fully editable, from our
Joerdhgardh web page (14 MB).

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 x 1020 Pixels (1,1 MB), with the hyperlink

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh web site.

The Joerdhgardh web site:


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