[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #59 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Mon Apr 23rd, 2012
This week we remain in the Dreadlands, moving to the village of Nárgl's
Mill. The 59th Map of the Week is from the pending Joerdhgardh (TM)
campaign setting release "The Northwest."

Key to the Map of Nárgl's Mill

The serfs work farm fields on the west and east sides of town. The orc
warriors have their camp west of the town, beyond the serfs' fields and the
map's borders.

1. Serf Barns.

2. Serf Farm Shed.

3. Serf Barracks. Living conditions are somewhat squalid.

4. Serf Pig Pens.

5. Fearsome River.

6. North Inn with Woodshed. The inn is owned and operated by Ragnar, a
male human merchant. Ragnar is the fifth generation of his family to own
the inn, which now is very rundown due to a lack of overnight guests. Only
the public room – the only tavern in town – does a booming business, but
most of that business is in beer sales. Creatures of all walks of life that
can afford a beer frequent the public room, everyone there knows who the
locals are, and everyone there will spot an outsider in an instant, as long
as they're still a bit sober. The inn's dark beer, heavy in malt flavor,
comes from its own brewhouse (Location No. 8). It's brewed by Ragnar's
wife, Thórunn, a master brewmistress and human female artisan. It sells for
two copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard. Little food is served in the
inn. The only entrée is a breadboard with cold cuts, dark sourdough rye
bread baked by Thórunn, dill pickle, cheese and horseradish. It costs three
bronze pieces. The 12 drafty and dirty single rooms cost four bronze pieces
a night. The four equally drafty and dirty double rooms also cost four
bronze pieces a night.

7. Oessur's House. This once was the stable of the North Inn, but Ragnar
sold it to Oessur after many years of disuse and at a time when the
innkeeper's monetary reserves were getting dangerously low. Oessur
remodeled it into a simple house that serves his needs. He uses it whenever
he is in Nárgl's Mill. Oessur is an independent seemingly human male ranger
who spends much of his time in the North Country, where the soldiers of the
duke and the marchioness seldom go. Oessur hides the features of his true
race. He is in fact a half-elven agent of Karelenland.

8. North Inn Brewhouse. Thus is where Thórunn brews the inn's beer and
also the beer that the baron buys for the local human and orc military.

9. Thorsteinn's and Ásta's House. Master Cobbler Thorsteinn, a human male
artisan, has his shoemaker's shop on the ground floor. His wife, Master
Seamstress Ásta, a human female artisan, has her shop on the second story.
The apartment upon which they live is on the third story. þorsteinn employs
a journeyman cobbler, a human female artisan, and an apprentice cobbler, a
human male commoner. Ásta employs a journeyman tailor, a human male
artisan, and an apprentice seamstress, a human female commoner.

10. Unnur's Wagons. Master Wainwright Unnur, a human female artisan, makes
and repairs wagons and carts for the entire Nordhstraeti. Her customers
include the military, locals and the serf farms in Nárlgsmylla and
Nordhhlidh. That may sound like she has a booming business. Only her carts
sell well. Neither the military nor the locals on the Nordhstraeti use many
wagons. The serf farms need several of them, but they have all they need
for the time being. Barring accidents, none will be replaced for many
years. But small carts and wheelbarrows do sell well. Unnur employs a
journeyman wainwright, a human male artisan, and an apprentice, a human male

11. Millstream and Castle. Baron Andrés, the human male warrion and
military outpost commander who exercises the local rule, has his government
offices on the ground floor of the castle and his quarters on the second
story. Rakel, the female intermediate draug, black necromancer, and
Ingimar, the human male wizard who serve the marchioness, occupy the third
story. This building is a castle in little more than name only. Before the
wars when Nárgl's Mill was at its peak of prosperity, an entrepreneur named
Valbjoern built both the North Inn (Location No. 6) and the South Inn (Sudh
Gistihús). The two inn buildings were identical in every respect. After
the wars, when the South Inn long had been abandoned and empty, Baron Andrés
claimed it and remodeled it.

12. Eríkur's House. This building once was the brewhouse of the South Inn.
After choosing him as her vassal over the serfs in Nárgl's Mill, the
marchioness gave the long-abandoned brewhouse to Eríkur. He remodeled it
into a modest house.

13. Military Stable. This once was the stable of the old South Inn. It
now is the stable of the military garrison (Location No. 16).

14. Nárgl's Mill. Nárgl of the mill's name is long dead. However, his
ancestors have managed to keep the mill in their possession and even expand
it. The current owner is Master Miller and Master Sawyer Gudhmundur, a
human male artisan and descendant of Nárgl. The mill has two waterwheels.
The left or west wheel turns the millstone that grinds grain into flour and
feed and the gears that power the hammers that press vegetable oil from
seeds. The right or east waterwheel turns the saw that cuts timber brought
in from Myrkwood. Nárgl employs a journeyman miller and a journeyman
sawyer, both human female artisans; two apprentices, male and female
commoners, and three laborers, human male and female commoners.

15. Tryggvi's Smithy. Master Smith Tryggvi, a human male artisan, runs the
only sizeable smithy on the Nordhstraeti. Tryggvi and his smiths not only
shoe horses and make bronze works for the humans of the Nordhstraeti and the
military. They also make and repair weapons and armor for the military.
Tryggvi employs two journeyman blacksmiths, male and female human artisans;
two journeyman weaponsmiths, human male and female artisans; four
apprentices, human male and female commoners, and three laborers, human male
and female commoners.

16. Military Garrison. Only the town's human and draug are stationed in
the garrison. The orc warriors are stationed in a camp sonewaht west of the

Beyond the map: The serf fields extend to the north and west of the town.
Beyond the western serf fields is the orc warriors' lager. South of the
mapped area, one finds the small housing area of the town where most of the
humans who live and work in Nárgl's Mill dwell.

You can get the map in two versions from the Joerdhgardh web site:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 map in FMP format, fully editable, from our
Joerdhgardh web page (18 MB).

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 x 1020 Pixels (1.1 MB).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh web site.

The Joerdhgardh web site:


Next: The Dreadlands - Fearsome River Bridge Outpost.

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