Re: [nbos] Planetary Map Images
"William Hoyer"
Tue Apr 17th, 2012
If you have gotten the Lunar Cell plug in from Flaming Pear, check out Solar
Cell for making stars and Glitterato for making Nebula's and other things.
All 3 are great plug ins.


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"I really hoped that someday something like Bryce could be used to edit the
terrain, then create maps from that..."

3ds Max has the ability to create topological elevations which could be
exported as a jpg in rectangular form and then dump it to AS3 as the surface

There is also L3DT which is a very nice elevation editing tool, though more
for local maps, rather than an entire surface. However, you could map an
entire surface, stretch it out to the rectangular dimensions AS requires,
and import it.

Another nifty tool is World Machine. Again, this is more for local mapping,
but it could be used to create full surface maps.

Then there's World Builder. With it, you can create a complete surface map,
export it as a heightfield and could then import that to Bryce and map it.
'Course, you could do it straight from Bryce, but that'd be a lot of work.
WB would, at least, save you some time.

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