[nbos] [AS] [FWE] Liking it
"Doug Jessee"
Sat Dec 16th, 2006

I am really liking making star systems with AS. I do prefer the look of
background stars of Celestia better (includes the Milky Way and some other
neat formations). I wish the quality of render and background of Celestia
could be added to AS. Or, I now see why some want to take systems made in AS
to Celestia.

Of course, I have not tried to setup any scripts in either...

I have used FWE now and It is ok, but I wish I had a little more fine grain
control. Like the old SimCity terrain builder, only with hexes instead of
squares. And more ability to zoom (not resize, just zoom) in and out and the
brush automatically changes size so that it is modifying a smaller (if
zoomed in) or larger (if zoomed out) area. I also do not like that I can not
seem to create an Olympus Mons type Structure, as it seems hit some limit
realitively quickly.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions and help!


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