Re: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision
Fri Dec 15th, 2006
Hi Mike,

You could post it to the NOX when you were finished, and just post a notice
to this list. That would allow people who didn't subscribe to the list to
find it as well.



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Sent: Saturday, 16 December 2006 12:51 AM
Subject: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision

I was looking back over some of my old SciFi RPG rules sets and came across
Traveller 2300. It was a great background but I always felt the systems were
a touch laboured. Anyway, my current gaming project (using my own rules) has
reached a point where I need a star map of Earth's "local" region (50 light
years around Sol).

Astrosynthesis provides such a map (kepner_50lyr_stars) where all the stars
are identified by their references in the Henry Draper (HD numbers) and
Hipparcos (HIP numbers) star catalogues. Traveller 2300 contained an
excellent star map of the same area of space but the stars are marked with
identities from the Gliese catalogue.

Using an astronomical programme called Cartes de Ciel, which contains all
the relevant catalogues, I am adjusting the Astrosynthesis map to correspond
to the Traveller 2300 one, using more conventional naming (Alpha Centauri,
Rigel, Tau Ceti, etc.). I've no idea how long it will take (there are well
over 500 stars to do in the AS map) but I thought I'd ask if anyone would be
interested in the result. If so, contact me off-list and I'll make a note to
send it to you as an Astrosynthesis file (you'll obviously need to own AS).



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