[nbos] AS2 & AS3 on Linux
Mike Oliver
Fri Dec 23rd, 2011
I have tried installing and running both AS2 and AS3 on Linux Ubuntu
11.10 OS, using Wine 1.3.28 and have to report the following results:

1. AS2 installed and loaded without difficulty. I was able to
generate a new sector and load an existing sector file. I could
select a system on the main screen, however, once I tried to
access the System data by clicking on a planet in the side
window, the OS crashed and I had to re-boot.
2. AS3 seems to install, but I can not get it to run under Wine.
I've got some other things to try and will report further later

If there are any Linux programmers or developers out there who can make
any suggestions to resolve the problems, I'd be very grateful.
Meanwhile, I'll check out the Wine forum and see what they have to say.

Merry Christmas everyone.



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