Re: [nbos] AstroSynthesis 3.0 now available!
"Cam Kirmser"
Sun Oct 2nd, 2011
Well, I downloaded AS3 and converted my ~120,000 system file into it. This
file is still under construction and, so far, only has six populated bodies.

It loaded fine and was faster than AS2. But, searches are waaaay longer. I
actually don't know how much longer, because I've always the Task Manager to
kill AS3 while it's still searching. AS2 would take about 9 seconds to do a
search on Population > 0 to find the six populated bodies, but AS3 hangs.
Or, at least, it takes longer than 9 seconds; the longest I waited was a
full minute. I've used the builder as well as typing the search criteria in
the query box. Both hang AS3.

Is SQL that much slower than the AS2 search engine, or is AS3 not able to
handle the file size?

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