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"Mark Oliva"
Tue Aug 30th, 2011
> From: Göran Uddeborg []

In a quick check, I see there are sevaral relevant topics, with several
threads in each. And links to interesting image data spread in the threads.
Is there a quicker way than to get it all than to page through all the
threads? Or is that the way to do it?

For starters, you can download the CSUAC. you need to download and install
it as follows:

With just a little bit of work, you can get the old CSUAC now and legally.
Cecil has given Eric permission to carry the old CSUAC version for Dundjinni
(TM) on his website. The Dundjinni objects are identical to the FM8 symbols,
and the Dundjinni textures are identical to the CSUAC fill patterns. To use
the Dundjinni symbols in FM8, one only has to create the proper folder
structure and copy the symbols into the right folders. One also must copy
the Dundjinni version and not the NBOS version of the file default.xml into
each symbol category folder. You can download the Dundjinni symbol version
of default.xml below.

You need to establish folders for the various Dundjinni art categories in
the \Programs\NBOS\Mapper8\MapArt folder. The folder names will define the
Symbol Set names in your FM8 Symbol Menu. Inside these folders, you need to
esatblish lower level folders such as Individual Tools, Machinery, etc., to
define the individual categories in your FM8 symbol menu. You need to copy
the file default.xml into each of these lower level category folders (i.e.
Individual Tools, Machinery, etc).

After you do that, the CSUAC Symbol Sets and Categories will appear
automatically in your FM8 symbol menu the next time that you open FM8.

Download the CSUAC files:

Download the default.xml file for Dundjinni symbol objects:


After you've installed the CSUAC, you have the basic set. You can expand on
that perhaps one hundredfold by then downloading Sendorian's Archives, which
picked up where the CSUAC left off:

The symbol objects in Sendorian's Archive also need to be placed in a
correct folder structure, as described for the CSUAC above, and you need to
addthe default.xml file to ech of these folders.

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