Re: [nbos] [FM7][FWE][AS] Where to start
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Dec 12th, 2006
If you know the way the planet will be mapped, then do the business
directly in FM7 (I assume you can design a world from scratch in the
programme). AS would only do a random surface generation based on the
parameters you set up in the Properties.

Once that's done, save it to a folder on your PC and note its location.
When you're ready to put it on to the graphic of the planet in AS, go to
the "Edit Properties" dialogue and choose the "Surface Map" tag. Check
the box labelled "Use this surface map instead of the default one", then
use the <Select> button to locate the map you did in FM7 and use that
path for AS to find your map; click <OK> and that should place your map
on the AS globe. Once you Save your sector, that map will always be the
one showing for that planet.

As far as the night sky is concerned, the view from the planet's sun
will not differ in any serious degree from the view from the planet
itself - the distances are too great. That is for everything except the
other planets in the system. I'm afraid I really don't know how you'd
get those to show up - if it's possible at all.

Here again, you'll have to ask Ed at NBOS what you can do.


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Thanks Mike.

No, I have not generated the planets surface, as I have a pretty good
idea of the continent sizes and placement on the planet, especially one
in particular.

So having AS generate the surface and FWE do the same thing?

Of course, I am at work and it is at home...

I thought I could move the camera to the planet's surface and point it
away, getting the 'night' sky? Will that not work?

It would be really cool for some kind of ability of AS to generate a
'star' chart for your planet, computing which stars would be the
brightest based on the star's rating and distance, etc.

Then of course you would need a system for creating your own


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