[nbos] ScreenMonkey - Updates?
Doug Jessee
Mon Jul 18th, 2011

I am looking for a VTT (Virtual Table Top) and have been looking at many of
the competition, but I really like the feature of ScreenMonkey that allows
the players to only need web browsers.

I just wish that there was an option to host files on a web server, that way
I don't have to worry about configuring routers and such (I know how to do
it, I just would rather not open up ports).

Maybe if The Keep software somehow integrated with ScreenMonkey and I could
somehow have the files local to me and have them on a website, so when the
time came, it would just be updating files that 'revealed' items, objects,
etc and not having to send graphics, etc to the web server. Just the players
needed to download it.

And I am not saying that the way it works now needs to be taken away, just
adding more options.

It has been a while since v1.5 was released and I was just hoping to get a
sense of if there was a new version in the works that was maybe getting
close (and might be launched at a huge convention in Indianapolis...).

I bought my first group of NBOS software at GenCon many years ago (AS2, FM7,
and something else).

I have looked at others, and either the cost, the requirement for the
players to run some software or the over complication of the screen by
features I dont think I will need...

Anyway, I have a few months before I will need to purchase and start getting
familiar with a specific software package, I was just hoping that there was
some update to ScreenMonkeys in the works.

I would feel more comfortable knowing that it was not going to be abandoned
and that it would continued to be developed.



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