Re: [nbos] Star Chart Base Data Release.
"Robert Graham"
Mon Jun 13th, 2011
Lol actually those pages look awfully familiar and I do believe that is
where I got the majority of the original calculations I used. So thank you
for those they are back once again in my list of places to remember :)

The big thing is guys that I did these back when ASTRO 2 was in Beta, that's
a few years back now.. I've released the dump in 'database' format because
in database format you can manipulate it on a level you can not in a excel
sheet or in the csv's I've dumped ie.. you can do a query to combine close
stars etc.

It's just very hard to remember the exact calcs I used x amont of years
ago.. I can however give the PHP if required for doing the data base dumps
as they used to be created.


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On 6/13/2011 2:59 PM, Robert Graham wrote:
> This is from memory Dalton, I can't find the original Excel database
> which had a lot of the original calculation data..
> But it is
> x = Distance * cos(RA) * Cose(Dec)
> y = Distance * sin(Dec)
> z = Dist * Cos(Dec) * Sin(RA)
> where distance = r in the table.. from memory.. It's been a while and
> I did it from a set of books etc I've been trying to find my old excel

The full equations are here

there are a couple of star catalogs here
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