Re: [nbos] Star Chart Base Data Release.
"Cam Kirmser"
Sun Jun 12th, 2011
> Mike,
> If I'm not wrong with out needing an actual MySql or MS sql databse you
> use Microsoft access to import the file.
> -Rob

True, you can. Or, download - what is it, SQL Express? MySQL? Something like

I've been working on the same sort of thing, but trying to attach as much as
possible to real stars. Then, something most catalogues don't take into
account, I adjust for their distance from Earth. In other words, most - if
not all - star catalogs, like Hipparcos - give coordinate data for how the
star is seen from Earth. Makes sense; after all, the catalog is not a
navigation tool, but a viewing tool. So, armed with the star's X, Y, Z data,
I then take the star's distance from Earth in LYs and then adjust
accordingly using the star's real motion. With that, I then record the
actual position of each star, not just the apparent position from Earth.

The problem that arises is that, often, the star's radial velocity is not
provided. I've got a database for Traveller, T2300 and Star Trek that, I
think, is correct for the local group of 50 LY. It's been about a year since
I've worked on it, maybe two, so I'd have to go over it to make sure it's
clean. But, I think it is. I've got data for every known star, something
like 120,000 records and a bit cumbersome for AS as a whole.

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