Re: [nbos] Astrosynthesis on Windows 7 64-bit
"Cam Kirmser"
Wed Jun 1st, 2011
What I've noticed when I try to generate a sector, is that it seems to put
all the stars in some small section of the whole area. Basically, I've
stopped using it. What I do is use an Excel sheet I've created to generate
the system info, save it as a csv and then import that to AS.

I'm working on a VBasic generator to give me more power over the process,
maybe include variables for galaxy shapes and/or age, that sort of thing.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: [nbos] Astrosynthesis on Windows 7 64-bit

This is my platform, and it runs well, but I have given up on using the
sector generator. Even at the lowest possible setting of systems, and asking
it not to generate any system contents, I have encountered the following:

* Any sector size above a couple of hundred light years takes hours,
and hours, and days - and eventually uses up all of the 8GB of RAM in my box
and freezes even a Win7 64bit machine
* Any serctor size, even with selecting the least number of systems
possible, crams stars so close you do not need a star ship to travel to
them, you could probably just walk there.

My comments to the first point are: Why? It's just creating a random point
(not even asking it to generate any system details) - yet it takes hours and
hours. Do not even try a sector with a 5000 light-year radius!

To the second point, I dont think the System Frequency slider is working
properly - or if it is it needs adjusting. I see no real difference in
seperation distances at minimum setting or maximum, especially the larger
the sector generated. Every star is crowded so close its like the galactic
center at rush hour. On the plus side, no need for wormholes, warp drives,
or hyper generators, just a jet pack and a space suit and you can colonize
the thousands of planets within 10LY (see the three examples below). i think
that the slider, needs to be adjusted.

Test One
My three examples generating a 10 LY radius sector, using the Astrosynthesis
Beta 4 generator:

* Min setting: 206 systems, average distance*: 3.8 LY
* Default setting: 1240 systems, average distance*: 2.4 LY
* Max Setting: 2129 systems, average distance* 1.6 LY

We see the 'Min' setting generates about 16% of the default's total number
of systems, while the 'Max' setting generates 171%. However, the average
distances do not seem to reflect the same spread. I think that there should
be some minimium distances for each point on the slider.

Test Two
My next example: Generating a sector of 5000 systems,using the
Astrosynthesis Beta 4 generator:

* 5000 system bodies created
* resulting sector size is: 17 LY radius
* Average distance* between bodies: 2.3 LY

In this example, the generator is cramming things so closely together it is
ridiculous. There is no way to get 5000 systems spread out in a larger

Conclusion and Recomendation
Using our own galactic neighborhood as a typical example, our closets
steller neighbor is 4.2 LY away. The generator seems to be putting every
generated sector at a point somewhere in the galactic core - where the super
massive blackhole, rapid steller birth and dstruction, would make life
impossible. I think the system placement slider's "default" seting should be
whatever is the logic applied for the Min setting; with approriate
adjustments for Min, Max, and in between positions. This would render a
more "believable" or "realistic" steller neighborhood as a default.

If using the Select Number of systems option: It would be nice if I could
specify the number of systems and the minimum distance between bodies, or a
way to tell the generator to spread the systems out over a given sector
size, say 5000 systems in a 50 LY radius sector.

*Average distance was computed slecteing 10 system pairs and using these as
the sample data to determine distance between system bodies


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> Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 14:06:41 -0400
> Subject: [nbos] Astrosynthesis on Windows 7 64-bit
> I haven't been able to test this myself, but just wanted to check if
anyone had any experience (positive or negative) running Astrosynthesis 2 on
a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.
> Thanks
> Tom
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