Re: [nbos] Line style, type, weight, color.
"Mike Oliver"
Thu May 26th, 2011

A good e-Friend (is that a new expression?) Mark Oliva, who runs the Vintyri
Project and Dungeons Daring, responded to my request for exactly the same
thing. He provided me with a file download containing dozens of bitmap
(mostly .png) files of railway lines and the like. I suggest you contact him
and ask if he is willing for you to access the same file.

Mark - if you read this, I hope you don't mind my referring "hardlec" to



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Subject: [nbos] Line style, type, weight, color.

Recently, the utility of lines has been a subject of useful discussion.

I would really like to see a way to do more customization of lines. Two
things long on my wish list:

Railroad Tracks. As an inveterate miniatures gamer I want to add RR tracks
to my terrain maps. As I am aware that there are master RR modelers who
would like to use FM/FWE to do layouts. Railroad tracks as a line style
would be useful.

One-panel fill patterns. Sorry, this is probably the wrong term but: I want
to do cap stones for walls, the single beams for Tudor walls, the ridge and
valley lines for roofs, etc.

It would be very nice to know how to create custom line styles.

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