Re: [nbos] Map of USA for FM8
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Mar 10th, 2011
Thanks, Ed, that was very helpful. I managed to find a map from my internet
search which I set as the background for the game map and this was of just
the USA, with a part of Canada and one corner of Mexico included. It saved
me having to chop bits off the world map but I'm holding on to what you sent
me for another project I'm planning.



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There's this:

Its a world map, but it has the state borders on it. You just have to
remove the areas you dont want on the map - each nation/province is its own

Alternatively, if you can find a windows metafile (*.wmf, or *.emf), you
can probably import that into FM (just File-Open the .emf or .wmf file)

At 10:56 AM 3/9/2011, you wrote:
>I'm seeking a map of the USA (possibly venturing just over the Canadian
>border) with main geographic features and state boundaries shown so that I
>can produce a map for a friend who is designing a board game.
>Does anyone have something they'd be willing to share? I'm going to do an
>internet search to see if I can find something but I would prefer
>produced in FM8.
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