[nbos] AS2.0 Problem importing routes into sector
"Dan Williamson"
Sat Mar 5th, 2011
I am nearly done with a perl script that will determine the most important
systems in a sector, generate all of the trade routes to link all of the
systems to each other, using a jump route system inspired by 2300AD, and
then determine the amount of relative traffic that might go between each
system. It even creates an IPP table with each of the systems grouped by
category Major, Minor, or Tertiary system. Minor Systems are those that are
on the major trade routes between the Major systems. Tertiary systems are
all other systems. The systems are weighted in the IPP table by the total
economic value. The economic value is determined by the traffic on all
connecting routes and the system's inherent value due to population and
mineral resources (minimum 1).

The output of the script is a CSV file that can be imported into AS2.0 with
all of the routes. This works fine. I can load the CSV and marvel at the
network of trade routes I have created, see all of the important routes and
even get a sense of the relative importance of those routes. I press the
save button. Then I close AS, go to sleep or get dinner, and come back.
When I open the sector again all of my trade routes are gone!

Here is a sample CSV line:

Route,S-18-01-08,Shteva,Trade,Route 9 (0),#0000FF,2,1

Where are my routes and why can't I see them anymore? Don't they get saved?
Is there some Filter setting I need to find?


Dan Williamson

Mountain View, CA


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