Re: [nbos] [AS] Binary Star Systems
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Tue Dec 12th, 2006
At 11:15 PM 12/10/2006, you wrote:
>But what i am pointing out is that it does not show me the ENTIRE system on
>a System view map and I honestly don't see why not it's not that hard to
>attach a new 'parent' to children so that they move with a planet on the
>orbit. It doesn't require a massive rewrite it just means updating..

There's nothing particularly difficult about it in a programming
sense. Astro shows the planets in relative size to each other. The main
complication would be that Astro scales planets up in size by a factor of
10 so that you might be able to see the planet. Otherwise, at solar system
scales, only planets like jupiter would be big enough to see. This means
most moon orbits would reside within the planetary sphere as
displayed. Also, consider a system of 20+ planets with some (such as Xena)
residing so far out w/ an elliptical orbit that the only way you can show
the whole thing with any manner of proper scale would be to have the first
10 or so planets in show up as one big blob in the middle.

btw, Astro shows planet/moon systems at scale - it only scales up if its
showing a solar system.

As far as showing multiple stars in the system view, the problem again isnt
the graphical display. Its calculating both the orbits of the stars among
each other, and whats probably more difficult, coming up with reasonably
stable orbits in the generator.

I'm sure in future versions the system display will be refined and enhanced
to add those types of things. It just takes time. Astro is no where near

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