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Tue Dec 12th, 2006

Negative elevations have always been supported in FWE (just hover your
mouse over any area below sea level and it'll report the elevation). I
think what Dale is referencing is the binary export which doesnt export
negative values. I believe this was because one or more of the terrain
visualizers created some odd results when importing binary files (this was
back in 1997/1998). I'll change this in future builds since I doubt it
still applies.

At 10:23 PM 12/11/2006, you wrote:
>Thanks for the suggestion.
>NBOS, will this be a feature of future versions, negative elevations? Or
>is there a recommended work around, like knowing what your deepest point
>will be, and start that as Zero elevation and somehow mark what elevation
>is sea level?
>On 12/11/06, Charles Sykora
><<>> wrote:
>I know very little about FWE or its sister program from nbos, Fractal
>Mapper. If you want to edit your landforms, I'd recommend Fractal
>Terrains, the other program AS can link to. FWE is probably easier to do
>landform editing (I really haven't tried), but the problem there is that
>it doesn't handle negative elevations ( i.e. ocean bathymetry), whereas AS
>does. I am part of a group trying to put together a tutorial for taking
>Fractal Terrains to CC3, but the current weaknesses in FT Pro make the
>procedure so complicated that I doubt anyone has the patience to do it (I
>actually got very far with the tutorials for the FT Pro part of taking a
>hand-drawn continent, adding random additional landforms in FT Pro and
>controlling climate, etc). I have currently shifted, however, to the
>Celestia<->AS conversions.
>To answer your question, I'd start in FT Pro and then substitute the map
>into your solar system in AS.
>On Dec 11, 2006, at 9:22 AM, Doug Jessee wrote:
>>I for one would greatly appreciate something like that. I am working on
>>learning AS to build a custom solar system and would like the kind of
>>renderings that Celestia can do of this system.
>>I have a newby type question. Where do you start to map your planet? Do
>>you start with AS or FWE? I have a pretty good idea how I want continents
>>laid out and specific details of one of the continents, but as I am
>>learning, I am not sure where to start.
>>Thanks in Advance,
>>Lloyd D. Jessee
>>On 12/10/06, Charles Sykora <<>
>>> wrote:
>>Mike, if you want photorealistic astronomy renders, check out
>>Celestia. I am working on import and export scripts for AS that will
>>take data from or send data to Celestia. While you can load
>>artificial systems/worlds into Celestia, they are hard to generate,
>>and that's why I think the answer is to generate much of your
>>universe randomly in AS, edit it to your liking, and then export to
>>Celestia for photo-realistic renders.
>>On Dec 10, 2006, at 7:42 AM, Mike Oliver wrote:
>> > I don't know how complex orbital mathematics (mechanics?) is, but I
>> > suspect it would be beyond the ordinary member of Joe Public. It is my
>> > belief, from gaming experience, that the average player doesn't
>> > actually
>> > recognise whether some of the science is inaccurate. For instance,
>> > in my
>> > current game, I showed them a system diagram in AS with all-circular
>> > orbital paths (VERY unusual, I suspect) and nobody mentioned it.
>> >
>> > I don't even know if AS is capable of showing elliptical orbital
>> > paths.
>> > I would LOVE to see detailed, astronomically accurate, 3D views of
>> > space
>> > within AS but, until Ed and his colleagues can employ an astronomer
>> > who
>> > has an intimate knowledge of 3D visual programming and doesn't want
>> > more
>> > than a small financial nod, I suspect we may have a while to wait.
>> > Meanwhile AS does almost everything I really need and I suspect a lot
>> > more if only I had the courage to try to understand, write and
>> > implement
>> > scripts. So thanks and congratulations to the NBOS boys.
>> >
>> > In the long run, I suspect it is we Game Masters who have the desire -
>> > the players just want a good scenario, well run and pretty to look at;
>> > no need for scientific accuracy.
>> >
>> > Cheers,
>> >
>> > Mike
>> >
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