Re: [nbos] Carrying less physical stuff to game

Wed Jun 30th, 2010

Dont worry, I dont see NBOS's focus moving to mobile platforms. Its just
not going to be feasable to create maps and 3D star charts on a phone.
What I can see is additional tools to supplement the functionality of the
desktop apps with related applications for mobile devices. ie, Map
viewers, or a portable reader for The Keep, or mobile versions of
inspiration pad. Things like that.

On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 12:05:44 +0100, "Mike Oliver"
> from my savings and an inadequate pension. I need to watch the pennies
> (don’t talk to me about bankers), so my cry to NBOS not to be seduced by
> telephonic gadgetry was sincere. I’ve no problem if they decide to

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