Re: [nbos] Carrying less physical stuff to game
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Jun 30th, 2010
As I suspect most of you worked out, my posting was a little
tongue-in-cheek. I like technology and am not really a Luddite, although I
fear had I not included the term, I might have been accused of the
sentiments. I used to work as the internal IT help unit for a regional
office of a large house building organization but am not as technical as I
would now need to be if I were still doing the job.

I am, however, impecunious, being now retired and trying to live on interest
from my savings and an inadequate pension. I need to watch the pennies
(donít talk to me about bankers), so my cry to NBOS not to be seduced by
telephonic gadgetry was sincere. Iíve no problem if they decide to provide
facilities for such equipment but, please, not at the expense of the
mainstream desktop PC/laptop market. At present, I am wrestling with a
decision over affording the ďKeepĒ software. Iím just about to embark on
running a Star Trek scenario by e-mail with one of my groups (Last Unicorn
rules) and I think it will be a very useful tool but I also want to get the
Deep Space 9 rulebook and there is a financial clash :-)

Incidentally, as part of my Trekkie efforts, I may endeavour to re-create
the AS2 map of the Star Trek galaxy which I did for a client a couple of
years back. Iíve lost my original map but I enjoyed creating it, so hope to
re-visit the project. I am using Geoff Mandelís Star Trek Star Charts book
as my main information source and overlaying the data on to the AS2 ďnearest
starsĒ lists provided to me by a member of this group but, forgive me, I
canít remember who it was. Geoff Mandelís work was geared far more to
representing the Star Trek view of the galaxy than endeavouring to relate it
directly to the real galaxy (which is what I tried to do with limited
success). However, whatever I come up with, I will put up for download on
the NBOS Online Exchange.



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I agree with him. Though I love technology (I do work in an IT department
for a state gov). I do not feel the need to go out and buy the newest
phone..... except maybe the android......but like the others I do not have
funds for that. I do have a laptop though and would bring that to any games
I ran...... if I had time to run them...... but you get the picture.

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A plea from a luddite non-tecchie:

If NBOS goes off on a tangent, doing stuff for mobile 'phones and their
more recent spin-offs, please will they not forget those of us who have
problems with even the oldest mobile technology and anyway can't afford £200
every time some manufacturer decides they want to cream off some more profit
from the unsuspecting public (how much longer are they going to be
unsuspecting?). By all means make the odd trip down these side alleys but
bear in mind there are those of us who can't afford and may have no wish to
embrace each new electronic gadget as it appears. Not all of us have
unlimited funds or run IT departments in major commercial operations so
don't always have the need or knowledge to utilise them J



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I have two things I'd like to see:

A: A way of saving my NBOS material into a .pdf so that it can be run with
full features but not modified. This means: I can save it to a thumb drive
or the memory card of my smart phone and run it on a machine at my FLGS or a
friends place.

B: maybe it is time to think about apps for smart phones and for the new
ipad. however, i must beg, pretty please with sugar and chocolate:

Not everyone has apple stuff. Please look at blackberry (my brand) android
or the others.

Corollary: is there a good die-roll program/app for a blackberry?

Richard K. Leclercq

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