Re: [nbos] [AS] Binary Star Systems
Daniel Williamson
Mon Dec 11th, 2006

Just edit the eccentricitiy in the properties of a body and you will make the orbit more or less circular, 0 is circular. I think.

Amen to your last comment - this world building is something that is peculiar, and I do mean peculiar both in the unique and strange sense, to GMs. Players only want a good, consistent story.



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I don't know how complex orbital mathematics (mechanics?) is, but I
suspect it would be beyond the ordinary member of Joe Public. It is my
belief, from gaming experience, that the average player doesn't actually
recognise whether some of the science is inaccurate. For instance, in my
current game, I showed them a system diagram in AS with all-circular
orbital paths (VERY unusual, I suspect) and nobody mentioned it.

I don't even know if AS is capable of showing elliptical orbital paths.
I would LOVE to see detailed, astronomically accurate, 3D views of space
within AS but, until Ed and his colleagues can employ an astronomer who
has an intimate knowledge of 3D visual programming and doesn't want more
than a small financial nod, I suspect we may have a while to wait.
Meanwhile AS does almost everything I really need and I suspect a lot
more if only I had the courage to try to understand, write and implement
scripts. So thanks and congratulations to the NBOS boys.

In the long run, I suspect it is we Game Masters who have the desire -
the players just want a good scenario, well run and pretty to look at;
no need for scientific accuracy.



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