Re: [nbos] Carrying less physical stuff to game
Johnn Four
Thu Jun 24th, 2010
Thanks for the Corkulous video! I might give that a try. Let us know how you
find it.

I think GMs get into toy mode as marketers successfully get us to
accessorize our games.

For most RPGs, you need dice, paper, pencil, an adventure, pre-made PCs and
the rules. Feel free to use NBOS and other products to help you prepare, but
I think that's all you need to actually run the game at the table. Use dice
for minis. The adventure should have stat blocks, maps, and encounters ready
to go.

If you have an iPad, you might have the rules available as a PDF or app,
there are dice roller apps, and you can put your adventure into one of the
many productivity apps or PDF it. So technically, you only need your iPad,
pre-made PCs and dice or tokens for minis.

I'd classify that as all you need. As for extras you want, add each in one
at a time and challenge whether the thing is worth the extra baggage.

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