[nbos] Carrying less physical stuff to game
Doug Jessee
Thu Jun 24th, 2010

I am on a search to lighten my load when traveling to run a game.

This is not a solution when I run at home, where my library, computers,
printer, etc are easily accessible.

This is for when I go to a friends house or a convention to run (or play) in
RPGs and possible miniatures.

I have a laptop, an iPod touch and an iPad as my hardware. I used to draw
maps by hand, now I use digital tools (Fractal Mapper, GCA, AstroSynthesis,
etc as well as none gaming specific tools, like Photoshop, Google Docs,

I am experimenting and trying different things, but am I the only one? Are
others out there trying similar experiments and maybe have found better or
more useful tools?

I am about to buy Corkulous (by Appigo) for the iPad, hoping that I will be
able to peg notes, pdfs, images of maps, etc for both a scenario at
Conventions and for campaign's I run.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated by me. And maybe others?

-Doug Jessee

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