Re: [nbos] [FM8] Maps as Web Pages, Was A raster map of a hemisphere
Doyle West
Thu Mar 25th, 2010
Mark Oliva wrote:
>> From: Doug Jessee <>
> That'll do it. But, as you said, maintaining it would be a lot of work.
> All in all, however, it sounds like Screen Monkey from NBOS might be just
> what you're seeking. Only the game master needs the full version. Your
> players can use the free lite version. Have you taken a look at it?
Actually, your players don't need to download a thing, they log in with
a web browser. ANY web browser though the advanced features are only
guaranteed to be there in IE and Mozilla. it DOES have issues with LAN
play, but they're minor, also, for table play it has dual monitor
support. get a projector (i've seen tiny HD projectors for 200 bucks
new), find a clear wall or hang a sheet, and away you go. :D

Lord Damian

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