Re: [nbos] [FM8] Maps as Web Pages, Was A raster map of a hemisphere
"Mark Oliva"
Mon Mar 22nd, 2010

>From: Doug Jessee <>

Hmmm... Is there a way to output the maps as a series of webpages?

If you mean ask HTML files, no. But see more detailed ideas below.

Back to reality, A way to post maps as web pages that have links for
different size/zoom levels and with links to the sub maps... That would be
very helpful for my game.

See below.

> From: Richard Leclercq <>

A: Has anyone imported a "google" map into FM or FWE?

I don't use FEW, but saving a Google map as a graphic and importing it will
work. Importing at as a Google map object with Google map controls probably
won't. I certainly know of no way to do it. Maybe Ed Diana has a different
take on that, however.

B: Am I violating copyrights?

If you're only using it yourself, probably not. If you're distributing it,
possibly. One can imbed Google maps legally, but one would need to check
Google's license conditions.

I am also eager to learn what happens on the "web post" front, as I do not
plan to print paper maps......

I don't know exactly what Richard and Doug are seeking here. If you're
looking for a direct export as an .htm file, FM8 doesn't have it. The only
options are jpg, bmp, png and emf. If the option was added, it wouldn't do
what you probably want it to do, because without anything extra, it would
turn the map itself into a jpg or png.

To go all out with FM8 fmp maps in Internet, NBOS would have to develop a
browser add-on such as Adobe Flash, that would enable FM8 maps in a web

Another option would be to convert the maps to PDFs and put them into
Internet in that form. However, that probably isn't what you want, because
it's just another kind of flat map.

One more thing that you can do is upload your FM8 file directly to a
website. In that case, however, you should keep it relatively small
bytewise. If you want to see what I mean, go to:

... and tell your browser you want to open the map in FM8. Keep in mind,
however, that after you open that map you're working with a temporary copy
on your hard drive, not the original in Internet.

What I really suspect you want to do, though, is maybe use Screen Monkey
from NBOS.

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