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"Mike Oliver"
Mon Mar 22nd, 2010
What you are trying to do is basically what I do with the military maps I
produce for authors of military histories. My main period is Napoleonic and
I specialise in the Peninsular War (Spain/Portugal 1808 – 1814). For these
purposes, I obtain copies of the current Ordnance Survey type maps from the
Instituto de Geográfica Nacional (, in Spain, for the
appropriate areas (1:25000 scale), scan them and put them on to FM8 via the
“Edit>>Paste Special>>Paste Clipboard Graphic” menu, so that I can trace
over it to include the general topography and exclude the more modern,
man-made artifacts. These maps cost around 6 or 7 Euros each and are very
clear and accurate.

It is possible that the Maltese have a similar facility but I’m not familiar
with their arrangements – might be worth a try.



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I am working on a Flames of War campaign for Operation Hercules, the Axis
invasion of Malta.

The only "digital" map of Malta I can find is off one of the map services,
Google etc.

At he moment, I would like to make a layer of geography only, and "draw in"
the man-made features on other layers. There has been some construction on
Malta since 1943 after all. I may need to:
Import the map on one layer
"trace" the physical features on a separate layer
add the man-made features on another layer (or layers)
delete the imported map.

A: Has anyone imported a "google" map into FM or FWE?
B: Am I violating copyrights?

I am also eager to learn what happens on the "web post" front, as I do not
plan to print paper maps......

Richard K. Leclercq

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