Re: [nbos] [AS] Binary Star Systems
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Dec 11th, 2006
My little e-mail has given rise to one or two responses:

DALE: Thanks for telling me about Celestia. I had, in fact, downloaded
it a while back but never installed it. I've given it a run through and
it certainly has potential. I haven't had a chance to read the manual,
so can you tell me: in order for me to have my own stellar system shown,
do I have to wait for your script or can I do so relatively easily
already? I won't ask for detailed instructions until I have read (and
probably misunderstood) the manual :-)

ROBERT: This is the part of your e-mail to which I was responding when I
talked about complex gravitational calculations: "The thing i don't get
with all this is with no offense to nbos, Astro doesn't exactly as far
as I can tell simulate in itself the effects of gravity etc on an
orbit." Also, I didn't forget "that it's not just game users who use
Nbos's stuff some writers also use it etc". I was directing my comments
particularly to gaming experiences and suggesting it was probably Games
Masters rather than players who wanted close scientific accuracy. I
share your desires for the nice graphic effects but realise it will all
cost money and that nbos are not Eidos or ActiVision so I (as I think
you do) accept and understand the limitations.

RICHARD: However circular Earth's orbit may be, I think a solar system
with ALL planetary orbits exactly circular would be the exception rather
than the rule (but I accept I could be wrong). Robert indicates that AS
can show elliptical orbits and I have to admit I haven't delved into its
behaviour in this respect. I suspect I may have to adjust my solar
systems by entering some new parameters. The one I mentioned was a
randomly generated system with only the parent body initially generated
as an "unassigned" body which I then generated as a stellar system. I
will do some more homework and see what I can achieve. As for "realism",
I refer you to my remarks above about scientific accuracy and nbos'

CHRISTOPHER: I have a feeling we should be able to get our own systems
into Celestia but that it won't be easy (what ever is except parting
with money?). I'll try to have a play around and report back.



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