[nbos] Bazaar generator
"Joe Mays"
Tue Mar 9th, 2010
I haven't uploaded anything for addition to rpg inspiration for a
while, because most of the things I've been developing for my own
purposes use the prompt ability now, and there is not yet anyway to
represent that at rpginspiration. One thing that I get a lot of use
out of recently, though, is my shop generator, and I decided to make a
version that generates all the stalls in the bazaar and their
contents. In this case it doesn't use the prompt, so it could be
included at rpginspiration.com. Check it out and let me know what you

Here's a link to the ipad file.


Let me know if you want me to send the file for inclusion at

I may make a version that uses a prompt for the size of the city, but
this one just generates 10d2 (average of 15) bazaar stalls. Heavily
weighted toward stuff like farmers and things, but there is a chance
of a lot of different types of merchants showing up, and even the
possibility for the occasional magic item find to show up in someone's
merchandise. It will also tell you if there happens to be an
entertainer amusing the crowd at the moment.

Between this and the shop generator going shopping before an adventure
has become a ritual for my group. They always hit their favorite
shops, then go check out what's in the bazaar, before heading out

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