Re: [nbos] Surface Maps and other changes in AS3

Tue Feb 2nd, 2010


Something I'd like to see in AS3 would be support for having objects in lagrange points. These are important in my setting.



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> Sounding good ed,
> I know that a bunch of that is stuff I've been asking about since AS2's beta
> hehe.. I can't wait to see the updates and the like for AS3, of course then
> I'm likely to have to redo all those star charts again.
> Are we still limited to clicking the star then going down to orbit view and
> having to select individuals and only getting their orbits? Or is that what
> you meant about the changes in the preview etc etc..
> Cause one of my 'pet' annoyances is if i'm creating say two planets with
> close orbits i can't easily look at the system map and make certain that X
> moon isn't suddenly going to intercept X planet at some stage.. because it
> doesn't show the 'children' bodies of the planets etc on the main display.
> The other big one is that some of us would enjoy having the ability to set
> up trade routes etc etc inside a system.. ie I can say that there is a route
> from Sol III A (the moon), to SOL V C or the like and actually see it.. not
> that I'm expecting you do project the orbital data etc etc for it but at
> least let us step up the amount of data we can show and display in system
> views etc.
> -Rob
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> While on the subject, I think you'll like some of the changes pending in
> AS3.
> The speed of surface map generation has been greatly improved - its an
> approx 80-90% improvement in speed, and supports multiple processors. It's
> so fast, in fact, that it allows for 'on the fly' generation of surface
> maps. When you select a planet in the system display, it automatically
> generates its map in the background (so that it doesnt interfere with
> program operation) and displays it when its ready. That is, you wont have
> to select 'create surface map' to make the map - it'll just do it on its own
> automatically. Same with the orbit displays - the surface maps are
> generated on the fly, in the background, for all the planets/moons in the
> display. You can still edit the surface map as before, and assign your own
> image if you want.
> The preview areas now also show 'mini' versions of the orbital views for
> stars, rather than just a single static image. In addition, the preview
> area itself is a 3d display, so you can pan/rotate/zoom around stars and
> planets that are displayed there.
> The orbit displays are now in the main window, not a separate window, and
> you can quickly switch between the two. There's a little arrow indicator in
> the preview window - when you click that, it expands and shows the orbits
> for the currently selected body.
> And the orbit displays support multiple star systems ;-) I'm also hoping to
> support 'circumbinary' planets/moons, which would orbit the barycenter of
> its parents. ie, a planet that orbits a group of stars, not a single parent
> star.
> We're still talking 6 months out at least before release, but I thought I'd
> give you a glimmer of some of the things I've been working on.
> Ed
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