[nbos] FM8 Experiencing horrendous lag??
Wed Jan 27th, 2010
Hi Ed and gang,

It's been a while since I've used FM8, and its actually the first time I've used it on my newer comp.

I've created a 800 x 800 mile region, used a background image to trace out the geography.
I then got rid of the background image and filled in my map with some small Islands.
It was NOT laggy.

The next day I've opened up this same file (2.8mb) and I can barely move in it.
I have NO effects or fills, just plain 1 color polygon fills with line set to clear (fractalize set to 5)

I'm using a 2.5Ghz Dual Core with 2Gig Ram ATI HD 4670/512
Win XP 32, FM v10f

I'm baffled at why it's impossible to navigate this map let alone place anything new on it.
Was wonderfully easy when I first created it....?
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