Re: [nbos] For Alan Bartholet: GURPS Suite v.0.0.55
Alan Bartholet
Thu Jan 7th, 2010

Sorry, after poking around for a bit I remembered why I couldn't do
it before. The Searcher class doesn't allow for ranges and it only
does "And" comparisons. So if I try and do a search for multiple
Resource Values I get something that looks something like "Resource
Value = 1 and Resource Value = 2 and Resource Value = 3... etc..."
There also doesn't seem to be a way to combine multiple searches so I
can't do them individually and combine them into one result. In
theory I could build my own searching function but it would probably
be pretty slow and I wouldn't be able to use the built in search
window to display the results. So it'll probably have to wait till
Astro3 comes out, hopefully the API will include an option to do raw
SQL queries so I can have more control.

Best Regards,
Alan Bartholet

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Alan Bartholet <> wrote:
> Marchand,
>   Thanks for the feedback.  I was originally thinking of adding that
> kind of functionality but at the time I wasn't sure how to go about
> doing it, the searcher class is... limited... in what it can do.  But
> looking it over again I think I have a way I can make that work.  With
> Astro 3 going to an SQL database I should have more control in
> searching.
> Best Regards,
>   Alan Bartholet
> On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 5:49 AM,  <> wrote:
>> Alan,
>> Finally got a chance to play with your GURPS suite. Firstly, well done on an
>> amazing utility.
>> One quick reaction is: could it be made possible to search for every world
>> of equal to or greater than a certain Habitability or RVM or Affinity?
>> Thanks
>> Marchand
>>> Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 01:23:16 -0400
>>> To:
>>> From:
>>> Subject: Re: [nbos] Generating habitable/inhabitable systems.
>>> At 12:05 PM 5/31/2009, you wrote:
>>> > I'm trying to figure out the AlienScript API to create a function that
>>> >will generate habitable or inhabitable systems on command. I get most of
>>> >it, but I can't figure out how you tell the generator "make this one
>>> >habitable."
>>> When Astro generates a planet, it first generates the planet, and then
>>> determines what its habitability code is based on the planet's
>>> attributes. ie, its not deciding 'make one out of ten planets hospitable',
>>> but rather, its generating planets, and if one of them happens to meet the
>>> qualification, it marks it as habitable/hospitable.
>>> If you want to make a planet with the api, create a planet of the right
>>> size, set its temperature and atmosphere, and mark it as habitable. Or,
>>> select a spot in an existing system and use the 'Create Body - Planet -
>>> Earthlike' option from the pop-up menu in the system data display.
>>> There's also an API function called PlanetEarthLike() which will make a
>>> roughly Earth sized planet w/ an atmosphere similar to ours. BUT, that
>>> still may not end up as habitable if you place it too far or too close to
>>> a
>>> star as I believe it still does all the atm calculations to determine
>>> possible atm compositions.
>>> Use it like:
>>> PlanetEarthlike( b, "AstroSynthesis Standard Names.ipt")
>>> Ed
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