[nbos] Vintyri Symbol Set 4 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Thu Dec 24th, 2009
The Vintyri (TM) Project has released the free and open Symbol Set 4 of the
Vintyri Cartographic Collection. This set includes 286 new FM8 raster
symbols in the roof styles brown and light beaver tail clay tile, slate tile
and wood shingle. The structures fall into the categories of agricultural
and culinary structures.

Before I say more about the collection, one additional important point:
Some FM8 users have had issues with the resolution of Vintyri symbols on
large zoom-ins. The web site has a page on issues that will tell you how to
resolve these problems quickly and easily if they apply in your case.

Symbol Set 4 includes 286 building objects of house-barns, barns, farm
sheds, pig pens, a Flax-breaking (heckling) house, hops farms, pig and sheep
pens, sugarhouses, a tobacco drying house, a treadmill, breweries and
brewhouses, a coachhouse, distilleries and inns.

Accompanying the symbol set and available for download is a free and open
70-page PDF that gives you good tips on how to apply these symbols in your
maps and RPG, historical data on the real-world prototypes that served as
models for the new buildings and photos of many of these prototypes.

Those of you who make your own FM8 symbols may also find some interesting
new ideas in these photos.

We're now in the advanced stages of work with the free and open Symbol Set
5, the last symbol set in the collection, which includes institutional and
governmental structures such as temples, garrisons, castles and the like. It
should be available for download within a few weeks. After that comes our
raster mapping tutorial with additional mapping objects. Once the complete
collection is released, our future work will be released separately or in

To download the complete Symbol Set 4 (96 MB) and the PDF (6.3 MB), you need
to go to:


Mark Oliva
The Vintyri (TM) Project

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