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Sat Dec 9th, 2006

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The thing i don't get with all this is with no offense to nbos, Astro
doesn't exactly as far as I can tell simulate in itself the effects of
gravity etc on an orbit.

instead it takes in distance + orbital paramaters and works out the orbital
path based from those.

so technically so long as the solarsystem view could be updated a little
further multipul systems should be possible, and it would be a -massive-
enhancement not only from the multipul star point of view.. but it would
allow the display of a planetary orbital system with out having to go in and
view it...

one thing i find annoying when i'm working in astro is that I can't see the
orbits of the moons etc which if i have two planets in close orbit can mean
that hey look smack, those moons are gonna hit each other.. The Black Sun
Engine which was designed for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident allows solar
system creation with everything in the system viewable in 3D at the same
time and by clicking on an object you can change your point of view to that

now i know Nexus was designed by a full blown studio uses direct x 8.1 and 9
subroutines lightwave 3d object importing etc etc but the part that I like
of it is that i can see EVERYTHING in the solar system.

At a distance it just shows me the orbital lines + a symbol, as I zoom in
dependent on distance i get the planet etc.. and well given as i said it's a
full direct x program etc i can even get astroid fields but it would be nice
to have something simular with Astro where you can see the moons in orbit
around the planets etc on the orbital view.

Trust me from a design perspective, if you want to crunch the numbers.. this
is far better than CView.

And if you don't want to crunch the numbers and just create a system for a
one time gaming session, it works as well

Granted, CView was and still IS free.

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