Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback
Marcus Andronicus
Sun Dec 13th, 2009
The ability to select and switch between solar coordinates, galactic coordinates and the right ascension / declination modes of cartography.

Being able to designate any axis as "North" and be able to reference that down to planet/moon systems.

Generating systems that the ecliptic does not necessarily match the grid system. I could be mistaken but it appears to be the case that all the systems are oriented off the grid, be it there or not, and system "up" is always matching sector "up". Being able to display this in any case would also be handy.

The ability to take data from the system data fields and do simple math and maybe algebraic equations in custom data fields - i.e. reference the solradius data field and multiply it by Sols actual radius in km and have the answer displayed.

The ability to have the system properties as data sources. ( the x - y - z coordinates for example).

The ability to make any one of the axis zero and have it stay that way (that could just be a bug of my installation tho).

Subsectors for spherical sectors being linked to the radius marks, i.e. for 2 across and 2 down and 2 deep on a spherical sector, each subsector is centered in the 8 pie wedges defined by the main axis lines.

This is not a generator addition but being able to select multiple selections that are not all in a row in the search box would be nice (ctrl-select in most other programs). Also, being able to search for systems x-light years *away* from the selected system would be kinda handy.

The ability to display the x,y,z axis separate from the grid, so you could have a sector grid 200 ly across and the axis lines 225 ly long, with x, y, and z labels at the ends for those of us who seem to always have to stop and think "what axis am I on now?"

The ability to save sector preferences under individual names- my traveller preferences wont necessarily be the same as my star trek or star wars preferences.

Too much?


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