Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Flood fills
Paul MacDonald
Sat Dec 9th, 2006
NBOS Support wrote:

> >Fabulous! Can I ask what objects it sees as 'boundaries' for the area to be
> >filled? For example, if I draw coasts on one layer, rivers on another, and
> >political boundaries (that are neither coast nor river) on still a third
> >layer, will the flood fill 'see' all three of these and fill the appropriate
> >area? I assume it ignores map symbols.
> It's a true flood fill - just like in most other painting
> applications. It uses whatever is on screen (except for grids, if they
> are displayed). You can even flood fill regions on bitmap or .png
> symbols, for example.

Excellent. Will we able to do transparent fills? That would be great
for highlighting part of a drawing while still being able to see the
detail beneath.

Paul MacDonald

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